What our Parents Say About Us:

"May Torah Tots continue to be a model for Jewish preschools everywhere and may you continue to touch many lives with the wonderful environment you have created."

"These past 4 years my husband and I had to opportunity to truly understand what people meant when they labeled Torah Tots the best school for early childhood in Palm Beach, Boca and the surrounding areas. Our twins, our most prized possessions, were treated as jewels."

"I could never imagine where you are the amazing Torah Tots staff get their brilliant ideas. The activities were fun and inviting and allowed the kids to get dirty and hands on without hesitation. There are few institutions that put so much time and energy into their little ones. You have perfected the art of making a fantastic program for early childhood education and we wish that one day we would hear about a Torah Tots elementary or even middle school."

"You have the best preschool ever!"

"I recommend your school to everyone I know and we wish you all the success you deserve in your future classes."

"Torah Tots is such a special place and we consider it our second home. We could not picture having sent our kids anywhere else. Each classroom, each teacher was as good as the next."

Dear Rivkah and staff,

I wanted to thank you for giving my son such a wonderful education. The three years that he spent at your school made him into a little mench! You have taught him so much that he scored extremely high on his acheivment test. Through play and hands on projects he has acquired so much knowledge. I am thankful to you for this wonderful education. It has been a pleasure to have been part of TORAH TOTS!
Thank you,
Aubrey Sturm