The health and safety of our students is of utmost importance at Torah Tots.  In light of reemergence and outbreaks of diseases that have nearly been eradicated, and upon the advice of Rabbis and medical professionals in the greater Jewish community, Torah Tots will be making a change to our current policy regarding vaccinations.  

Our school is required by Florida law to collect and keep on file vaccination records signed by a local doctor.  The law does provide exceptions in rare medical conditions and for those whom vaccination is against their religious beliefs.  Torah Tots will require students to be fully vaccinated before beginning school. Parents are urged to start their children on a catch-up immunization schedule now. We understand that there are students who are unable to receive vaccinations due to family medical history and/or vaccine injuries or serious complications.   Therefore,  we will allow a very small percentage of students in our program with medical or religious exemptions. On advice from medical professionals, we feel that this will not compromise the safety and health of our students.   
Families that are already in our program will be given priority admission.  Each case will need to be reviewed by the director and given consideration. New students enrolling will be required to be vaccinated unless they have a medical exemption.    If space allows, exceptions for new students with a valid need, that hold religious exemptions, will be allowed to enroll upon approval by Torah Tots.