Torah Tots and Tamim COVID Policy


We continue to evaluate our policies with our school medical advisory committee.  We ask that you collaborate with us during these challenging times. It is our goal to keep our school healthy and open. Our medical advisory committee recommends the following based on Dr. Makary of Johns Hopkins Medical Center's guidance.  


Given the evolving data on Covid in young people and the emerging data on the potential harmassociated with prolonged social isolation and long-term use of masks, the following guidance is recommended for schools to optimize overall health while reasonably reducing the risk of Covid transmission:


1. Any child who has a sign of an upper respiratory infection (cough, fever, running nose, persistent

sneeze) should not enter school property or participate in school-sponsored activities.


2. For children who test positive for Covid-19, they should not enter the school property or

participate in school-sponsored activities for five days following a positive test result for Covid-19.

After that time, a child may return to school as long as they are asymptomatic.  


3. For a child who has respiratory symptoms and tests negative for Covid, and those symptoms resolve, the child may return to school 24 hours after the resolution of symptoms.


4. Routine testing of children for screening purposes should not be mandated. Given the colonized

nature of the infection in asymptomatic children who have knowingly or unknowingly recovered

from Covid and the scarcity of testing availability in the population, testing should be used on a

selective basis by parents and physicians depending on testing availability and parental consent.


5. Masks should be optional for both children and staff.


6.If a family member of a student tests positive for Covid, the student must stay home for a minimum of 5 days and until symptoms are no longer present in the family member. If the student has documented proof of Covid in the past 90 days, the student may attend school as long as no symptoms are present.  .


7. For staff who are concerned about exposure due to advanced age or a high-risk medical condition, a KN-95 or N95 mask is highly recommended.


8. If a family member of a staff member is positive, the staff member may attend school as long as they are asymptomatic, have tested negative for Covid and they wear an N95 mask at all times as a precaution. If the exposed staff member has had Covid during the past 90 days, they do not have to mask as long as they are asymptomatic.  


9. If a student or staff member tests positive for Covid and exposes their class, as long as everyone is healthy, they may return to school. If any symptoms of fever, cold, cough, lethargy, develop, the student or staff member need to get tested and stay in quarantine for a minimum of 5 days and until symptoms subside.  

Please be aware that besides Covid, there are other flus and viruses going around. We ask you to keep your children at home if they display any symptoms whatsoever. We will not allow sick children in school. Our goal is to have healthy students, staff, and families.  If your family has had Covid over the break or has Covid at this time, please let us know by emailing [email protected] so that we can have that information on file.